Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Archdiocese of Denver is one standup dude. Denver is facing a fight with Planned Parenthood eerily similar to the one here in Aurora. PP bought a piece of property from United Airlines and proceeded to begin building a clinic on it all the while listing United Airlines as the property owner! Even some staunchly pro-life contractors were duped into working on the building because they were convinced the facility was a United Airlines call center.

Well Thursday, Archbishop Chaput issued a statement decrying PP and their deceit, not only in zoning issues, but in all their lies about women, babies, and sexuality. He urges Catholics and all people of goodwill to fight PP by every legal and ethical means available.

Now that’s the kind of straight talk that could bring this country back on track. Pray for our Bishops, that God may grant them peace, safety, honor, health, and length of days, as they faithfully teach us the word of God’s truth.