Happy BabyI’m not like those people who always say ‘Oh, I can’t believe it’s only been {x-amount of time} since {y-happened}!’ I find I have a pretty accurate set of expectations for the passing of time. It seems entirely appropriate that Ambrose should be a year old, and I’m glad he is. He’s got a lot of new tricks lately, which is fun. A few new words, a lot more real communication. And he knows me a lot better than he used to, which is really nice. The hardest part might be believing that I’m really his dad.

It’s my prayer that he keeps the faith better than me, and learns to be responsible much sooner than me. If he does those two things, his life should turn out alright. Here’s a montage his mom threw together over some Jack Johnson. So even if you don’t want to see my son’s life to date, you get to hear a Jack Johnson song and that’ll brighten up anyone’s day!