_42091892_pope_ap_416.jpgLong story short – someone in the press said a few months ago that the Pope was going to jump on the climate change doomsday bandwagon.

Pastor Doug Wilson laughed and poked fun thinking the Pope had been duped and was, in his own words, overjoyed at what he perceived as “a dent in the doctrine of papal infallibility”. Pastor Wilson did however, when confronted about the charity of believing an internet news report before hearing the Holy Father’s actual opinions, say this:

At the same time, if, when the encyclical appears, it turns out that he has said nothing more than that we should be good stewards of the earth, and my hilarity was misplaced, I will apologize handsomely. But I don’t think that is going to be necessary.

Pastor Wilson and his Federal Vision cohorts certainly know better than most that reports of things people believe before the people themselves state their views are unreliable at best, malicious character defamation at worst, and not to believed in any case. Especially when they come from internet news services of all places.

Now, finally, the Holy Father has spoken on climate change, and it is not at all what was predicted.  It was reasonable, well thought out, pro-stewardship of the earth, very much against the environmentalist ideology, and outwardly hostile to the “prophets of doom” that say the earth will be under sixty feet of ice by Thursday next.

Since this blogger has it on good authority that Pastor Wilson has been notified of this development once in private and once in public at least, I’m sure that promised handsome apology will be forthcoming.