3d8f0d46-7bab-456f-beb1-d50fa3c3b15dimg100.jpgLo, my protestant brothers, hear the words of the Lord which He has spoken through His prophet which He sent to your people. When Ransom asks, backhandedly, why it was that, although he had to suffer and fight on Perelandra while the King was off in another place, it is the not Ransom who inherits Perelandra, the King speaks thus:

You are right, I know what they say in your world about justice. And perhaps they say well, for in that world things always fall below justice. But Maleldil always goes above it. All is gift. I am Oyarsa not by His gift alone, but by our foster mother’s (the angel who guarded Perelandra), not by her’s alone, but by yours, not by yours alone, but by my wife’s – nay, in some sort by gift of beasts and birds. Through many hands, enriched with many different kinds of love and labour, the gift comes to me. It is the Law. The best fruits are plucked for each by some hand that is not his own.”

And earlier, the King spake thus:

…this is the first word I speak as Tor-Oyarsa-Perelendri; that in our world, as long as it is a world, neither shall morning come nor night but that we and all our children shall speak to Maleldil of Ransom the man of Thulcandra and praise him to one another.

For those not familiar with Lewis’s Space Trilogy, in the second book, Perelandra, Ransom, the story’s hero, travels to Venus to intervene in the temptation of that world’s analogous Adam and Eve. He guards “Eve” and protects her from Satan, thus saving the world (though only because Christ had already redeemed the cosmos on earth).

So, what do we learn here? That the best good comes to us from God through the hands of another. That, when such things happen, it is good and right to praise the other through whom God gave us that good, both to God Himself, and also to others.

But when we Catholics praise the saints, and the blessed Theotokos as first among them, we are accused of misplacing glory. Let us heed the words of Blessed Clive, who shows us that, as the Divine Liturgy says, we glorify God through His saints.

You who we glorify in thy saints, save us who sing to thee, Alleluia
Through the prayers of the Mother of God, Oh Savior save us