or come up with a great explanation as to why you don’t!

Rewriting parables seems to be all the rage these days. So in response to a long line of excuses as to why Christians are not obligated to give money to bums on Josh’s blog, I posted this:

And they shall say to Him, “But Lord, when were you hungry and we wouldn’t give you a dollar?” and He shall say to them, “As much as you’ve not done it to the least of my brethren, you’ve not done it unto me.”

And they’ll say, “But Lord, you smelled like booze and we were sure you wouldn’t spend it wisely. Besides, if we’d just given you the money we would actually be hurting you by keeping you poor, little known fact. It’s really simple Reganomics, Lord. Besides, had you really tried, I mean really tried to get a job?”

Surprisingly, this line of reasoning really won the Lord over. He apologized for being so harsh earlier and welcomed them into their reward.