I should’ve started drinking these two years ago when the O.C. told me to, but we’re trying to make up for lost time here.

I’m sure everyone else is drinking them, they’re so hot right now, but in case you’re not, here’s how to make the perfect summer cocktail


1/2 Lime

4 oz. light rum

2 oz. simple syrup

12 mint leaves

Club soda

Cut the 1/2 of a lime into 4 chunks. Put the chunks in the bottom of a pint glass with the mint leaves.

Next you have to “muddle” the mint and limes. Essentially this is crushing them up together. This juices the lime and releases the oil from the mint leaves. There’s a tool called a muddler that’s a long handled thing with a blunt bottom. If you have a pestel and mortar, the pestel will do (if it’s long enough). If not, I’m told the skinny end of a wooden spoon works ok as well. Don’t muddle too hard or too long or you’ll start getting bitter flavor out of your mint.

Once you’ve muddled, add the rum and the simple syrup* and fill the glass with ice. Shake vigorously. Fill the glass almost to the top with club soda. Be refreshed.

*Simple syrup is really easy to make. Just boil a cup of water, add a cup of sugar, let it boil for a couple minutes, let it cool. That’s it.