I’m done. Done done done making excuses for Marian devotion. Other than a small handful of instances of outright, self-proclaimed heresy or syncretism, devotion to Our Lady leads only to devotion to Our Lord.

The pet peeve in question is when Orthodox in particular try to claim, in ecumenical dialog, that unlike the Catholics, they have Marian devotion in perspective. That those Catholics, off the rails as we all know they are, have just taken Marian devotion to ends the early Church never did.

Have those Orthodox ever read, much less sung, their own Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos? It contains such beautiful lines as:

By singing praise to your maternity, we all exalt you as a Spiritual Temple, 0 Theotokos! For the One Who dwelt within your womb, the Lord Who holds all things in His hands, sanctified you, glorified you and taught all men to sing to You:

Rejoice, 0 Tabernacle of God the Word;

Rejoice, Holy One, more holy that the Saints!

Rejoice, 0 Ark that the Spirit has gilded;

Rejoice, Inexhaustible Treasure of Life!

Rejoice, Precious Crown of Rightful Authorities;

Rejoice, Sacred Glory of Reverent Priests!

Rejoice, Unshakable Tower of the Church;

Rejoice, Unbreachable Wall of the Kingdom!

Rejoice, 0 you through whom the trophies are raised;

Rejoice, 0 you through whom the enemies are routed!

Rejoice, 0 Healing of My Body;

Rejoice, 0 Salvation of My Soul!

Rejoice, 0 Bride and Maiden ever-pure!

I don’t have any problem with any of these, all these titles and accolades are due to the Theotokos because and only because she bore our Lord, but I do have a problem with the people who wrote these things accusing Catholics of overwrought devotion to Our Lady.

Give me a break.