***Edit*** Well, with egg on my face, I must confess that the subject of this post, David Bruno, seems to be far less liberal that I initially thought. My initial assessment was based on seeing a few “liberal” causes like environmental issues and poverty linked to on his blog, plus the somewhat “liberal” sounding nature of his 100 things project. This mistake either vigorously discredits or vigorously affirms the thesis of this post. I’m not sure which yet. Sorry David!***Edit***

Are the extreme right and the extreme left coming full circle?

I just ran across this post on the blog of a very conservative protestant pastor linking to a story in Time Magazine about a guy (who I think can safely be classified as coming from the far left) who is attempting to whittle his possessions down to 100 things. An admirable anti-materialistic pursuit if ever there was one.

But on visiting this guy’s blog, I was struck with how many pursuits he and I share in common despite coming from vastly different, almost antithetical worldviews. He doesn’t have a TV, he’s all into family dinners that are actually cooked and don’t come from a box or drive-thru. He’s all about getting involved in his kids lives and not letting the media have the final say in their opinions.

Shoot, if I had to sit down with this dude or the average American Christian, he and I would have far more to talk about than the American Christian and I. And what’s more, we’d have far more in common.

Side Pot: Though I vehemently disagree with much that I hear on NPR, I vehemently agree with much more that I hear on NPR than I agree with when I listen to conservative talk radio.

Has this odd motion of culture struck anyone else?

EDIT: But for all that, I’m still voting McCain.