…for the new hit record from Seven Society – Think Absurdly About Them


Not really. I never do these memes, but this one looked fun. It’s the Band Name Meme and here’s how you play:

  1. Band Name: Random Wikipeda Link
  2. Album Title: Random quote generator (take the last four words from the first quote on the page)
  3. Album Art: Flickr Interesting Photo (pick one)
  4. Tell what your band sounds like, where they are in their career, etc. (That’s my own addition)

Seven Society has that sound that somehow gets played on both Top 40 and alt rock stations by some mystery of the cosmos. You know, heavy guitars with whiny “I might kill myself toniiiiight” kind of lyrics in big feel-sorry-for-me choruses. Most of their songs start with a plinky guitar arrpegiated guitar riff and you know that bass player’s laying on the 5th string of that bass like it’s going out of style. They wanted to play hardcore, but the money just wasn’t there.

Their sophomore album, Think Absurdly About Them, seeks to match the success of their debut, Where the Pain Lives”, which featured the hit single “Dead Without You”. It is not likely to do so.