He did, I swear. For years and years. Then he dropped it like a hot rock back in the spring of ought 9.

Well, today, someone asked me if I’d ever written anything about my conversion to Catholicism. So I came back here to check. Turns out I’d never written a “conversion story” so to speak, but I did write a lot of stuff and it was really fun reading through some of it.

It was especially fun to read back on all the old discussion we had about Catholicism, contraception, Church history and all that fun stuff.

Then writing became less of a hobby and more of something I did every day as part of my job. So writing a blog became less of a release and more of the same thing I’d been doing for the last eight hours.

But, re-energized by the fond memories I have of hashing it out with Remy and Josh Gibbs and Matt Petersen and even Jason Schiebe, bless his heart, I’ve decided to give it another go.

So let’s tear it up like we used to. Let’s get the band back together. Whaddya say?